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Fortune begets prosperity and the year of the tiger is auspicious

Release Time:2022-01-03   Clicks:775

Dear partners:


    Happy new year!


    Joy is accompanied by sweat, success is accompanied by hardship, and regret inspires struggle. We unknowingly entered 2022, which is also the tenth year of the establishment of WEIHAI TY RISINGSUN HYDRAULIC CONTROL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. on behalf of all employees of the company, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all partners and wish you success in the new year, Smooth work and happy family!


    In the past year, we have experienced ups and downs together. It is precisely because of your support and trust that we can get today's fruits. In the coming new year, we sincerely look forward to further cooperation with you and create brilliance hand in hand.


    In the new year, we will work harder and forge ahead. We firmly believe that our efforts will create a different sky.


    Looking forward to 2022, a new starting point, a new journey, wonderful opportunities, confident development and inspiring horn.

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