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The following points shall be paid attention to in the maintenance of hydraulic

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The following points shall be paid attention to in the maintenance of hydraulic equipment

①Controlling the oil pollution and keeping the oil clean is an important measure to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. At present, due to the serious oil pollution, hydraulic faults occur frequently. According to the statistics of a large factory, 80% of the faults of the hydraulic system are caused by oil pollution. Oil contamination also accelerates the wear of hydraulic components.

②Controlling the temperature rise of working oil in hydraulic system is an important link to reduce energy consumption and improve system efficiency. For the hydraulic system of a machine tool, if the oil temperature changes in a large range, the consequences are: A. affect the oil absorption capacity and volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump; b. The system works abnormally, the pressure and speed are unstable, and the action is unreliable; c. Increased internal and external leakage of hydraulic components; d. Accelerate the oxidative deterioration of oil.

③It is very important to control the leakage of hydraulic system, because leakage and air suction are common faults of hydraulic system. To control leakage, the first is to improve the machining accuracy of hydraulic components, the assembly quality of components and the installation quality of pipeline system; Secondly, improve the quality of seals and pay attention to the installation, use and regular replacement of seals; Finally, strengthen daily maintenance.

④Prevent vibration and noise of hydraulic system. Vibration affects the performance of hydraulic components. It loosens screws and pipe joints, resulting in oil leakage and even oil pipe rupture. In case of screw fracture and other faults, it will cause personal and equipment accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent and eliminate vibration.

⑤Strictly implement the daily routine inspection and regular inspection system. Routine inspection and regular inspection are one of the foundations of equipment maintenance. There are three difficulties in hydraulic system fault: concealment, variability and difficult to judge. Therefore, carry out spot inspection and regular inspection on the working state of the hydraulic system, record the possible faults on the daily inspection and maintenance card, eliminate the faults in the bud, reduce the occurrence of major accidents, and provide first-hand data for equipment maintenance.

⑥Strictly implement the system of regular fastening, cleaning, filtering and replacement. During the working process of hydraulic equipment, due to impact, vibration, wear, pollution and other factors, the pipe fittings are loose and the metal parts and seals are worn. Therefore, the hydraulic parts and oil tank must be cleaned and maintained regularly, and the system of delayed replacement of oil and seals must be implemented.

⑦Strictly implement process discipline. In the modern mechanical processing factory with high automation and mass production, the degree of specialized production of mechanical equipment is high, and the production rhythm is very strong. It is necessary to adjust the pressure and flow of the hydraulic system according to the processing requirements and production rhythm, so as to prevent the operator from increasing the working pressure and moving speed of the hydraulic system in order to speed up the beat. Unreasonable regulation not only increases power consumption and oil temperature, but also leads to hydraulic system failure.

⑧Establish technical archives of hydraulic equipment. Equipment technical archives are the technical basis for "managing, using and repairing" equipment, and the original basis for spare parts management, equipment maintenance and technical transformation. Therefore, seriously establishing the technical archives of hydraulic equipment will help to analyze and judge the causes of hydraulic faults, and provide a basis for taking decisive measures to eliminate faults.

⑨A hydraulic component repair test site shall be established. In order to ensure that the repaired hydraulic components meet the original technical performance requirements, or conduct quality spot check on the inventory hydraulic components, or conduct performance test on the imported hydraulic components before mapping and trial production, a repair test site is required.

Strengthening the maintenance of equipment is a very important link to ensure the normal operation of equipment. At present, there are four kinds of faults in hydraulic equipment: one is "psychosis", which means that the hydraulic system works well and sometimes bad, and the actuator sometimes doesn't work; The second is "sweating", which means that the system leaks seriously; The third is "Shaking Disease", which means that the actuator has jumping, vibration or crawling when moving; The fourth is "high fever", which means that the working oil temperature rise of the hydraulic system is too high. If we analyze and diagnose the above four conditions, find the root causes, scientifically manage the hydraulic equipment, and put forward preventive measures for common faults, the faults of the hydraulic system can be reduced or avoided.

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