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The year of the sheep is with you,The dragon leaps and the tiger leaps, but the

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Dear customers and partners:

Happy New Year!

Time flies, like a white horse passing through a gap. At this moment of resigning from the old and welcoming the new, in an instant Weihai Tairui Xinsheng Hydraulic Control Technology Co., Ltd. got together with everyone for another year. In this year, because of your attention and cooperation, only Our current achievements are in an extraordinary year, in the harsh environment of the entire economic environment, with the sincere cooperation and concerted efforts of the company's employees, with the support of respected customers, and with the help of respected old and new friends The company's operating performance has made considerable progress, and has achieved a number of huge influences that have greatly increased the company's brand influence and established prestige in the industry. It laid a solid foundation for the company's continued operation and development in 2015.

2015 is now here. In the new year, the company is committed to building an engineering service team that recognizes the company's corporate culture and will serve it. I believe that through our joint efforts, we will continue to welcome the new year, keep the golden cup full of tens of thousands of households, advance with the times to celebrate the abundance of the year, and spread laughter to every family. Our goal will surely be achieved! In 2015, we will work harder, forge ahead and work hard! I also believe that our cooperation will be more successful! Thank you for your continued support for our business. In the past, we have received your trust and support. This is our precious wealth and your precious gift to us. As the new year is approaching, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and warm greetings! You and I embrace each other and listen to the bells of the New Year like the breathing of an annual ring, embracing our common dreams, and the full love turns into a sincere blessing "Happy New Year"! We look forward to working more with you, communicating more, and serving you better!

I wish you and your family good health in the new year! I want it all the best!

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